At THE TEXT EXPERT, you get top quality without breaking the bank. THE TEXT EXPERT offers the perfect solution for every budget! I strives for transparency in my prices, ensuring you always know exactly what costs to expect. This forms the basis for a trusted collaboration.

Translation services

For translation services, you can choose between:

1) Machine Translation Post-editing: revising machine-translated texts (more cost-effective option)

2) 100% human translation (slightly more expensive option)

Text Correction

For the correction of Dutch texts, I offer two options:

1) Proofreading: only spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors will be corrected (slightly more cost-effective option).

2) Editing: this service goes further and also meticulously checks sentence structures and content. This more thorough review requires more time and is therefore more expensive.


For copywriting, I optimize my writing process by integrating artificial intelligence (AI). This saves time, providing me with more space for creativity in composing Dutch texts. As a result, I can offer competitive prices and faster delivery.

You can hire me for a fixed number of hours

As an experienced freelance translator and copywriter with years of experience (since 2009) and a master’s degree in linguistics, THE TEXT EXPERT is also open to long-term collaborations. Yes, you heard it right. You can hire me for a fixed number of hours per month to handle all your linguistic tasks.

So, get in touch and receive a personal and non-binding quote within 30 minutes.