Machine Translation Post-Editing

THE TEXT EXPERT is your partner for top-notch language services! As an experienced translator, she guarantees the highest quality and precision in translation. She provides translations exclusively done by humans, along with a more affordable alternative known as “machine translation post-editing,” designed specifically for translations generated by machines from German and English into Dutch.

But what does Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) entail? Imagine you have a machine-translated text. Here’s where THE TEXT EXPERT, the seasoned translator with Dutch as her native language, comes in: She reviews that text to ensure that the translation meets the highest quality standards. She corrects errors, improves sentence structure, and ensures consistent terminology and style. In short, the goal of post-editing is to refine machine translation and ensure it meets requirements for accuracy, clarity, and cultural relevance.

Why should you consider post-editing at all? Simply put, machine translations can be inaccurate and deliver faulty results. Post-editing allows the correction of these errors to ensure a precise and high-quality translation. Post-editing adds the human expertise factor, better able to understand cultural context and nuances than machines. Through post-editing, you ensure your machine translation reaches the desired quality standard.

Moreover, post-editing saves time and costs compared to translation without AI support by leveraging the benefits of machine translation. This means THE TEXT EXPERT can work more efficiently, especially for extensive translation projects. And this is reflected in a fair price – a win-win situation. Of course, THE TEXT EXPERT also offers the option of a fully human-translated text if you prefer.

You might be wondering how meticulously THE TEXT EXPERT approaches her work. Well, she offers various options for post-editing based on your needs. With light post-editing, she focuses on improving the readability of the machine translation. However, for those desiring a high-quality German, English or Dutch translation, opting for full post-editing is the way to go. In this case, THE TEXT EXPERT thoroughly edits the machine-translated text, comparable to a fully human-translated text. This guarantees top-notch quality!

Contact THE TEXT EXPERT for light post-editing, full post-editing, or a completely human-translated text. THE TEXT EXPERT guarantees translations of the highest quality and is always there for you – with a fantastic team of freelance translators. Trust THE TEXT EXPERT for language services at the highest level!