Who is the person behind THE TEXT EXPERT, your partner for outstanding text and translation services? I am THE TEXT EXPERT, a professional freelance translator and copywriter with a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Utrecht in 2007. Since 2009, I have been working as a freelancer, leveraging my extensive expertise and skills to translate texts from German and English into Dutch and vice versa. In my translation work, I do not rely on machine methods like, Google Translate or ChatGPT, unless you expressly ask for it. Additionally, I write texts and utilize the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). Although I typically handle my tasks independently, I place great value on collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Thanks to my extensive network of professional translators, I stay in touch with other experts in various languages and fields. This allows me to provide you with a broader and more specialized service. Collaborating with reliable colleagues enables me to tackle projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Collaborations of this nature often take place in large translation projects with tight deadlines. THE TEXT EXPERT can coordinate with you to form a team of multiple translators, with each assigned to handle a specific part of the project. By pooling their expertise and skills, a faster processing time and a higher-quality end result are ensured.

Moreover, I regularly share my knowledge and experience with other translators through workshops, online forums, and conferences. I believe that exchanging best practices and learning from each other are essential for professional development. Openness to feedback and opinions from others allows me to continually improve and offer you an increasingly better service.

Through my comprehensive network of translators, I can always find the right person for specific requirements and fields of expertise. My colleagues are experts in various areas, from technology to literature, from science to fashion. This guarantees optimal quality and consistency in all translations delivered by THE TEXT EXPERT.

Choose THE TEXT EXPERT as your expert for text and translation services and experience top-notch quality and professional collaboration!