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Where some people seem to be naturally gifted writers, you have difficulties transforming your content into a brilliant polished manuscript, web text, leaflet, dissertation, paperback, blog post or other kind of text.

You want to keep the reader’s focus and interest, so just hire a freelance editor before publishing or submitting your text.

Our professional editors will give you objective feedback to ensure your text becomes more powerful. No more words that confuse your readers and no dragging the story more than it needs to. Value is hidden in your draft and our experts will unfold its true grace!

Editing Text Correction Proofreading
We will improve the flow and quality of your text, check whether the syntax is smooth and whether the use of grammar, wording and punctuation is correct. We will make suggestions for reorganizing your text, where necessary remove entire sentences, give recommendations for changes (for example titles, subheadings) or rewrite entire paragraphs. We will also find any lapses in logic and slip-ups in meaning of words and terminology. If you only want us to check whether the text is correct according to grammar, syntax and spelling, you can find more information under “proofreading”.


If you would like The Text Expert to proofread your content, we will carefully examine your text and comb for the last spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in translations and check if the target text corresponds with the message in the source text.

We edit all kinds of texts. Our freelance writers, editors and proofreaders will be at your service. You name it, we`ve got it!

Larissa Backx, M.A. (Übersetzerin, translator, vertaler)