You’ve worked hard to create your content and have spent a long time staring at the page or screen thinking about your choice of words. You arranged those words in the best possible way for the quality to shine through and to get your message across.

But somehow you simply don’t catch all your own typos anymore. Misspellings or other mistakes that you usually know how to write. You just missed those annoying errors while proofreading and editing yourself, even though you were absolutely certain you spotted them all. That`s something almost every writer has to deal with, even the best ones. It`s called word blindness, which means we tend to be blind to our own typos.

We therefore recommend you to hire someone else to correct your work. Although proofreading and editing are often neglected, they are crucial for finishing your neat and carefully drafted message. Because we all know that even the smallest typos can result in embarrassing outcomes.

If you hire The Text Expert to proofread your content (and the document you send us has already been edited), we will carefully examine your text and comb for the last spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in all kinds of texts – no matter what language.